Handmade cowhide wallet is increasingly popular. Wallet made from cowhide bring sophistication, uniqueness and class to users.

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What cow wallet models are the most popular today?

What is cowhide wallet?
Cowhide wallet (also called cow wallet) is made from full grain cowhide leather, undergoing meticulous processing, cutting, punching, grafting, etc. Babu Handmade’s cow wallet is completely crafted by hand without using industrial machinery, giving customers the most unique products with premier quality.

Handmade cow wallet for mens have high sophistication and creative designs

Is cowhide wallet durable?
High quality cowhide leather wallet made from full grain cowhide leather. Therefore, it inherits outstanding properties from cowhide, especially durability. Cowhide has outstanding advantages that just few types of leather have:

Cowhide is soft, supple and durable over time. Especially, the longer you use it, the glossier and softer the wallet becomes. If you take good care of it, the wallet is rarely scratched or peeled.
Handmade cowhide wallet is processed more meticulously and in more detail than mass-produced wallets. Hand-stitched wallets last an entire lifetime and maintain their finesse and quality despite years and years of use.
Cow wallet has good bearing capacity. Therefore, wallet made from full grain cowhide can be used for many years without being damaged.

Thanks to the above advantages, wallets made from full grain leather have a long life expectancy. If you follow our maintenance instructions, the life of the wallet can be up to 5-10 years.

Best selling handmade cowhide wallets in Babu
Navy blue Epi cowhide leather wallet WL305
Navy blue Epi leather wallet WL305 is cowhide wallet mens. This leather wallet is made from imported Epi cow leather. The inner lining is made from Alran Sully goat skin, so it is durable, soft like sheepskin. The navy blue color of the wallet model brings sophistication and elegance to its user. The Epi leather wallet has a size of 11.5 x 9 cm, very suitable for putting it in your trouser’s pocket.

Navy blue Epi leather wallet WL305
Navy blue Epi Handmade cowhide wallet WL305 has 8 card slots, 2 hidden compartments and money compartment. You can comfortably carry your money and important cards in this wallet.
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Vintage Tuscany cow wallet WL301
Vintage Tuscany cowhide wallet WL301 is made from imported Tuscan cow leather, which is high quality vegetable-tanned leather. Therefore, the cow wallet becomes waterproof, making it difficult to be attacked by bacteria and mold. In Milan – the world’s fashion capital, Tuscany cowhide is one of the most popular and preferred leather.

Vintage Tuscany cowhide wallet WL301
Tuscany cowhide leather wallet WL301 has 2 money compartments, 4 card slots and 4 hidden compartments. Therefore, you can comfortably store your cards and important papers without worrying about them falling.
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Brown Vachetta cowhide Waist wallet WL300
A leather crossbody wallet or a waist wallet is an indispensable accessory for everyone. A lot of Babu’s customers have chosen the brown Vachetta leather waist wallet WL300 for themselves.

Brown Vachetta cowhide Waist wallet WL300
The Brown Vachetta cowhide wallet WL300 is handcrafted from imported Vachetta cow leather. It is generally produced using a vegetable tanning process, resulting in a leather that is naturally tan. No wonder this is the most expensive leather type in the world. It is selected from the shoulder (the best part leather) of the bull. A prominent feature of this leather is the natural coloration over time, also known as the “Patina” color effect. This type of leather is used a lot by two famous fashion brands Louis Vuitton and Neverfull.
Vachetta cowhide leather wallet WL300 can be used as a hand wallet, suitable for both ladies and mens for everyday use. The size of the wallet is 14 x 11 cm, neither too big nor too small.
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Gold Nappa Cowhide Wallet 
Cow wallet MWL288 is made from imported Nappa leather which is tanned from raw cow skin. This type of leather is famous for its good elasticity, cool surface, and luxurious beauty. Not only widely used in fashion, Nappa leather is also popular for interior decoration of famous car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, etc. Gold is the color of luxury, achievement, and triumph so it also helps its owners to express their success.

Gold Nappa Cowhide Wallet 
The leather wallet is very compact and convenient. It is 12 x 9cm in size with 5 compartments for cards or change.

Togo cowhide leather wallet for men or mens long leather wallet WL313
Togo cowhide leather wallet for men is made from imported Togo cowhide leather. This is a fairly common type of leather that is very supple, and difficult to scratch. Moreover, it has high durability and is not deformed when carrying heavy objects inside.

Togo cowhide leather wallet for men WL313
The custom wallets as this Togo cowhide leather wallet are simple but extremely useful. This wallet has a size of 18 x 9 x 1.5 cm and even has enough space for a phone. The wallet has a design of 1 large and long compartment for phone, cash or paper, 1 long compartment for cash and many small card slots.
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Reddish brown Nappa cowhide leather wallet WL291
If you are a fan of vintage style, WL291 is the perfect choice for you. Reddish brown wallet brings not only great power, energy but also elegant beauty to its users.

Reddish brown Nappa cowhide wallet WL291
This cowhide wallet has 2 money compartments, 6 card slots and 2 hidden compartments for cards and important papers. In particular, Babu also offers free name engraving on the wallet at the request of customers.
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Prestigious address to buy cowhide wallet
Babu Handmade is an address that sells full grain cow leather wallet that is favored by leather believers. Our full grain cow leather is imported from France and Italy. Babu Handmade’s cowhide leather wallets are completely crafted by hand without using industrial machinery, giving customers the most unique products with premier quality.
The designs of our cowhide wallet products are very diverse with delicate colors and reasonable prices, which makes Babu conquer the most discerning customers.

Babu Handmade’s warranty and after-sales policy
Handmade leather wallets at Babu are warranted for 2 years. We warrant all product defects, including defects caused by users. In addition, Babu Handmade offers lifetime product maintenance.
Moreover, Babu’s loyal customers (buying 3 times or above) are also given a discount voucher for the next purchases.
Above are the most popular handmade cowhide wallet models in 2022. If you are looking for the best handmade leather wallets, please don’t hesitate to see more HERE or contact us to request your own custom wallets.

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