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Distinguish Current Popular Leather Watch Straps

Distinguish Current Popular Leather Watch Straps

Leather is a durable and beautiful material that is suitable for fashion products. That’s why since the very first days of watches, leather wristwatch straps have been always favorably used and selected by most customers.

Genuine goat leather watch bands for women
Current popular leather watch straps
Differences between different types of leather materials

Leather watch straps have always been the first choice of watch lovers until today.

It is little known that leather wristwatch straps are the prototypes of the world’s first wristwatches. Initially, leather straps were used to keep the face of pocket watch on soldiers’ hands, helping them catch up the time during the battle. Nowadays, wristwatch leather straps have always been attractive products with various designs and models.


With an open economy, in recent years, Vietnam is the destination of numerous famous and prestigious watch brands in the world. Each brand uses different types of leather straps for different watch models. So, how can we distinguish those materials?

❃ Simili leather straps

What is simili leather?

It is a common name of artificial leather types. It is also called as faux leather and pleather.

General characteristics of simili leather straps:

√ Low price

√ Hard and difficult to be cleaned, so it is often used for cheap watch models.

√ Made from a layer of lining fabric, weaved with polyester threads, and then dyed from 1 to 2 layers of PVC plastic.

√ Easily cracks and peels off if being used in a high temperature or fusty environment or contact with water in a long time.

Simili leather strap
Simili leather

❃ PU leather straps

PU leather straps
PU leather straps

What is PU leather (or synthetic leather)?

It is simili covered with a layer of Polyurethane plastic (PU). Due to the characteristics of PU, PU leather is almost as soft as real leather, easy to be cleaned, and more durable than common Simili.

Features of PU leather straps:

√ Cheaper, but much less durable than real leather.

√ PU leather is elastic, when being pulled, it dilates like pulling an elastic band.

√ Made from synthetic compounds of soft plastic leather and elastic leather.

√ Easy to crack and peel off in case of being used in a high temperature or fusty environment or contact with water in a long time.

❃ Real leather

Real leather
Real leather

What is real leather?

It is a beautiful and durable material, made from skins of animals such as cowhide, ostrich skin, alligator leather, calf leather, and so on. Before being used, it must be gone through a treatment process called tanning to kill bacteria on the leather strap, avoiding skin redness and irritation for users.

Advantages of real leather straps:

Soft, elastic, and durable

√ Well water-resistant, not easy to crack and peel off

√ Do not cause skin redness and irritation or itching.


Avoid keeping leather watch straps in a place with high humidity
Way to preserve leather straps

Avoid keeping leather watch straps in a place with high humidity

Due to the fact that real leather is a natural material, it is a little more prone to decay and mold because of the hot, humid weather or rainwater when compared to bracelets and plastic straps… However, if you know how to preserve, leather straps are still durable and bright.

  • Avoid placing leather strap in a place with high humidity. If it gets wet, it should be left to naturally dry at the room temperature. Do not use a dryer because this can damage the strap.
  • Do not wear the watch leather strap for the whole day. You should take it off every 4 hours so that the strap can drain the sweat from your hand.


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