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Easily distinguish real cowhide wallets for males from fake ones within only 3 seconds

Easily distinguish real cowhide wallets for males from fake ones within only 3 seconds

Leather wallet is an indispensable high quality accessory for men. Currently, there have been numerous shops selling leather wallets and other leather items of all types and quality. However, choosing a high quality leather wallet which is reasonable and suitable for your own is not easy because there have been too many fake male cowhide wallets in particular and leather products in general. So, how can you discern genuine cowhide wallets for men? To help you to have a clearer look about real cowhide wallet, Babu Handmade Leather will “unveil” some ways to distinguish a real cowhide wallet from the fake one.


Careful “observation” is always the first thing you do when choosing a product. Careful observation not only means that you pay a very close attention to the product design, but looking closely at the surface of cowhide wallet can also let you know whether cowhide is real or not. If it is real, the surface of the wallet is uneven. Depending on the tanning process, the cowhide surface is relatively flat and smooth, but still quite rough. In contrast, fake cowhide wallet is very smooth.

Dark Burgundy leather wallet for men


When touching a fake leather wallet, you apparently feel the smoothness of plastic layer made from synthetic materials which make the leather surface shiny. It is the most evident when you touch the leather wallet in the winter, you will feel it cold. Meanwhile, you will not feel cold when touching real leather wallet even in the winter, but it will give you a feeling of softness, warmth, and smoothness.

Full Grain Cow leather


If your wallet is made from real cowhide, it smells of typically a little pungent and stinky animal fat odor. On the contrary, a fake leather wallet smells of synthetic plastic.

Cow leather bifold wallet in black


Press your finger hard on the surface of wallet. Due to the high resilience of real leather, when being pressed hard, your finger will leave a dent in the surface of the leather and gradually fade away. Otherwise, leather is fake because fake leather is made from synthetic materials which do not have a high resilience. The dent is intact and takes more time to back to normal state.

Calf wallets for men


Genuine leather will only char slightly, and smell like burnt hair while artificial leather will immediately curl, blacken and even start smelling like burned plastic.

burn a cow leather piece

Above are some small tips about how to recognize real high quality cowhide wallet that Babu wanna share with you. Babu affirms that you always feel secure to choose real cowhide wallets in Babu Handmade Leather shop. We are always proud to be a prestigious shop supplying the best quality cowhide wallets for men with a wide variety of 100% real leather wallet designs. Since our very first days of establishment, Babu has been the destination for those who love real leather products.

handcrafted cow leather wallet

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