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Choose color for your destiny (basing on age, year of birth)

According to fengshui theory, color of costume, bag, purse, shoes, jewelry palys an important role in balance yin-yang – 5 elements of each destiny. Therefore, a good understanding about using color basing on fengshui principle is recommended.

Yinyang- 5 elements principle.

Yinyang – 5 elements is the early theory of human about nature and movement rule of the world. 5 elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Each element not only shows nature, movement, transformation, but also states their position on space. All of the factors or phenomenon on the world belong to each element and contain its own yin-yang character.

For example, regarding to human, basing on age, people can determine what element does a person belong to, it is called fate. Like, people of Year of cat belongs to Wood element. About direction, Northern is of Water element, Southern belongs to Fire element, Eastern is of Wood element, Western is Metal element, central area corresponds with Earth element. Regarding to color, black is Water element, red is Fire, green is Wood, white is Metal and Yellow corresponds with Earth element.

Among elements, there is supportive and opposite effect on each other, which creates supportive and opposite relation.

Supportive relation: this element is the basis for the foundation and development of other elements. To be more detail, Wood supports Fire, Fire supports Earth, Earth makes Metal, Metal enforces Water, Water makes Wood ( burned tree creates fire, fire burns everything into ashes and earth; metal is born on earth, melt metal turns into water, water fosters tree).

Restriction: this elements suppresses the development of other elements: Here is: Water suppresses Fire, Fire represses Metal, Metal does that to Wood, Wood is incompatible with Earth, Earth is to Water (water stops a fire, fire melts metal, metal can cut tree, tree inhales nutrition from earth, earth stops a running water.)

If you concern to fengshui, it is advised to choose color for items appropriately.

Metal Fate

Supportive color: Choose items in bright yellow or purity white. As Earth (yellow) enforces Metal and White is the specific color of Metal fate.

Restriction color: Avoid Pink, Red because these color are specific color of Fire element, meanwhile, Fire is incompatible with Metal.

Including following year: Year of monkey – 1932, year of goat – 1955, year of mouse – 1984, year of chicken – 1933, year of tiger – 1962, year of buffalo – 1985, year of dragon – 1940, year of rabbit – 1963, year of snake – 1941.

Wood fate

Supportive color: Actually, there are many people belong to Wood fate are interested in green. And this is also color of their fate. Green costumes or accessories comforts people of wood. Additionally, black or dark green is also compatible to people of Wood fate as these colors is specific of Water – Water nourishes Wood.

Restriction color: Wood fate people should avoid white as white is the color of Metal, and metal suppresses Wood. In case white is your favorite color, just combine to other colors to weaken the opposite relation.

Including years: year of horse – 1942, year of pig – 1959, year of dragon – 1988, year of goat – 1943, year of mouse – 1972, year of tiger– 1950, year of buffalo – 1973, year of rabbit – 1951, Year of monkey – 1980, year of dog – 1958, year of chicken – 1981.

People of wood fate would better choose green or dark green to white.

Water fate

Supportive color: Black is specific with Water fate so it is best suitable for people of Water fate. Moreover, white costumes or accessories are also compatible with your fate because Metal enforces Water.

Restriction color: According to opposite relation, Earth conflicts Water, therefore, avoid wearing yellow costumes or accessories.

Including years: year of mouse – 1936, year of snake – 1953, year of dog – 1982, year of buffalo – 1937, year of horse – 1966, year of pig – 1983, Year of monkey – 1944, year of goat – 1967, year of chicken – 1945, year of tiger – 1974, year of dragon – 1952, year of rabbit – 1975

Black or white accessories will balance colors that people of Water fate is wearing.

Fire fate

Supportive color: A light green dress will fresh your spring days. Your fate is compatible to green (Wood supports Fire). Especially, if you have a bright complexion, pink or red (Fire fate’s color) could also be suitable to you. Additionally, it helps you stand out among others.

Restriction color: In early winter, people of Fire fate is recommended to avoid using black costumes since black belongs to Water element, and Water suppresses Fire.

Including years: year of dog – 1934, year of chicken – 1957, year of tiger – 1986, year of pig – 1935, year of dragon – 1964, year of rabbit – 1987, year of mouse – 1948, year of snake – 1965, year of buffalo – 1949, year of horse – 1978, Year of monkey – 1956, year of goat – 1979

Earth Fate:

Supportive color: People of Earth Fate have various choices for costumes color. They are compatible with red, pink (Fire supports Earth), and yellow is the color of Earth element so it is better.

Restriction color: Avoid using green costumes because Wood suppresses Earth.

Including years: year of tiger – 1938, year of buffalo – 1961, year of horse – 1990, year of rabbit – 1939, Year of monkey – 1968, year of goat – 1991, year of dog – 1946, year of chicken – 1969, year of pig – 1947, year of dragon – 1976, year of mouse – 1960, year of snake – 1977.







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