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Metal and real alligator watch strap: Which one is best for you?

Metal and real alligator watch strap: Which one is best for you?

When you have the amount of money and want to reward yourself with something which makes you look more handsome or elegant. You come to the shop and decide to pick a wristwatch as one of your jewelry.  But it becomes very difficult for you to not know if a metal or real alligator watch strap is better. It becomes harder and more important if you can afford just one wristwatch. So, in this text, We will show you all the advantages and disadvantages of metal and high quality alligator watch straps. So you can truly know which one is best for you.

Let take a look of Pros and Cons of genuine alligator watch strap and metal watch strap: 

Pros of real alligator watch strap Straps:

The alligator leather watch strap

1. Gentle and easy to fit well with your wrist.

2. Variety of style and color

3. Affordable

4. Can be alternative easily by another style of alligator watch strap to update a new look to your watch.  

Cons of alligator leather watch strap:

1. It is not a good idea for aquatic activities and sweaty activities.

2. alligator leather watch strap can be worn out over time

Pros of Metal Bracelets:

1. It is easier to clean than genuine alligator watch strap

2. Metal watch straps are available with the activities which are sweaty and into the water. 

3. Durable

4. They look sleek shiny

Cons of Metal Bracelets:

Metal watch band

1. Your wrist can get scratched

2. Metal material makes them become heavier

3. It is not flexible to change the metal band

Ok, now we move to the details features: 

Genuine alligator watch strap

Because of the softness and lightness, alligator leather watch strap is the favorite for many people. It’s a comfortable material that is not only flexible but also durable.  In addition, there are a variety of colors and styles which make watch straps have the ability to mix and match with many occasions. It can also very easily fit well with your wrist. 

Gentle and easy to fit well with your wrist.

High quality alligator watch straps are considered as one of the most comfortable materials in the watch market. Because the source of leather comes from living, it is supple and follows your body movement easily. As you raise your hand up, down, write… the leather bands will move well along your body. Unlike other materials like metal, silicon, or other materials which might cut into your wrists and hands. The outer part of the strap is designed to give style to the watch and the inside is made of soft Alran leather (all the products of Babu handmade are made by Alran leather, you can click here)  that makes the user’s wrist extremely comfortable over long periods of time.

The inside of alligator watch strap is made of soft Alran leather

Because of the leather’s breathability, your alligator leather watch strap becomes more able to absorb perspiration and humidity. You generally cannot find your wrist becoming as sweaty or tight as you might while wearing a rubber strap.

Variety of style and color

The real alligator watch strap is suitable for almost every activity in your daily life. From a formal business event for a casual meeting with your friends. Genuine alligator watch straps have their own way to mix and match with your outfit to make a perfect combination.  It’s a timeless classic that looks stylish on everyone. 


With $70-$100, you can own a real alligator leather watch strap with different styles and templates.  Even though it may cost more than synthetic materials, it will last you for a longer time. There is nothing if you pay $100 for 5-7 years to have an item which can be alternated by the way you want.

$70-$100 can afford for a high quality alligator watch strap

Can be alternative easily by another style of high quality alligator watch straps to update a new look to your watch.  

On the other hand, by switching your real alligator watch strap you can customize the style of your wristwatch as much as you like. The diversity of color, pattern, style, size… of the alligator leather watch strap can support you in changing your appearance immediately. This makes it a real versatile pick. Therefore, if you have just one watch strap. Instead of buying another one, you just need to change your strap. The blue alligator leather watch strap will go with a formal outfit during the day, and the red/ orange genuine alligator watch straps can go with a sporty dress in the evening to hang out. For formal occasions, an alligator leather watch strap is often the best choice. You will be more stylish and often match your formal outfit and accessories. As time passes, the color of leather wears, a leather watch still keeps on stylish! Even more, a lot of people think alligator leather watch strap will be more gorgeous after being faded because it looks more unique.

You can change the color of watch band to update new style

Beside all the positive aspect of having a real alligator watch strap, there are also negative aspect that you should consider about:

  • It is not a good strap which specializes in  getting wet or sweaty: Though there are a lot of waterproof alligator leather watch straps released to serve customers, we highly recommend that you should avoid soaking your watch strap.
  • Wears out over time. As we told before, over the years, the color wears, a genuine alligator watch strap still remains stylish. But we can not delay the fact that, one day it doesn’t work. The small strap holders will break first and  it gradually gets annoying pretty once they are both gone

So to overcome all the disadvantages, you can take care of them – by not getting them wet, or doing sweaty sports in them. You can also clean and care for them 3-4 times a year, to maintain the suppleness and avoid cracking. But ultimately, they will wear out and have to be replaced.

Metal watch strap

It is easier to clean than real alligator watch strap

It is not really complicated to clean metal watch straps as real alligator watch straps. With a Genuine alligator watch straps, you need to be gentle, calm … but with a metal watch strap, you just need a piece of cloth, weather, soap, and then as many items in your family, you can wash it very easily. But remember to remove the strap from your watch. 

Metal watch straps are available with the activities which are sweaty and into the water.

Because of the special material, a metal watch strap will be able when exposed to your sweat and wet. So, contrary to real alligator watch straps, metal watch straps can be used with activities which are into the water or in the gym. It is a feature that leather does not have and you should consider this one.


Metal straps are obviously alive a long time no matter what happens. They are hard to break, can get wet and sweaty with no problem, and the material will not stretch during the time.

They look sleek and shiny

They look somehow more expensive, especially when you see them on high-end watches like Rolex and Omega. They can also function as a dress watch for fancier occasions and for many sporting activities.  

Beside all the positive side of metal watch strap we listed above, there are also the negative side which you should consider as we listed on the top of the article. 

So, after a long read. You will have known that both leather and metal watch straps have their strengths and weaknesses. Because personal opinion that based on our knowledge, it’s best and necessary to do some window shopping and try on some watches in store so you know how they really look & feel. Therefore, Babuhandmade hopes you can make a wiser and better one for yourself. In our shop, we specialize in handmade leather, you can click here for more details. Or you also can just go window shopping to see our genuine alligator watch strap .

Thank you so much! 

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  • I think, I choose real alligator watch strap. I find crocodile skin more elegant

  • Depending on the layout, you can choose metal or real leather strap

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