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Belt is an indispensable accessory to men, but hardly does all of them know how to choose belt suitable for their costume.

The majority of men own an only belt, they use it every day, with every set of clothes, and never mind about clothes that they are wearing. In this article, we would like to give you some suggestions in recognizing and using this familiar accessory effectively.


Use belts flexibly

Belt is an important item to officer: once you want to tuck your shirt in, it is such a shortcoming if there is a lack of belt. In addition to office time, belt can be worn on daily events.

Men belt can be divided into 2 types: Leather belt and textile belt. Each has different features and using purposes, depending occasions.

Luxurious leather belt

Leather belt is the most popular item that you may catch in fashion shops. Leather belt is made of pieces of leather. Black and brown are two typical color for leather belt. Sometimes, you may catch out a leather belt in bright brown.

About belt’s buckle, it is normally made of black, silver or grey metal. Generally, this kind of buckle is liked by many people thanks to its attractive appearance. Metal buckle is normally impressed by its luxury, additionally, the brand name on it is also an attractive feature to customer.

However, that kind of buckle should be used together with shirt and officer costume only. You are not advised to combine it with daily clothes.

Classically designed buckle has less popularity compare with others. Being simply designed, this kind of buckle is popular and liked because of its simply, elegance. It is mostly caught out on costume of reputation gentlemen in the world.

Besides, classic buckle give users more combination: it can be used with both officer and normal clothes. Therefore, it is ideal if you have intention of purchasing a new one.


How to use leather belt.

People base on 2 criteria to evaluate whether the belt is properly worn or not: The length of belt and its suitability when we combine to costume.

Regarding to the length, a standard belt after being tied should not be longer than the second keeper to the left of the trousers. In the other words, the most suitable length of belt is that its one end lies between the first and second keeper of the trousers after being worn.

The basic rule to choose a belt suitably for your clothes is that: color of the belt should be same color or darker than that of trousers. For example, black trouser should be combined with black belt. Bright brown trousers or navy will match black or dark brown belt.

Textile belt for summer.

Textile belt is a unique and recommended choice for men to combine to daily costume. Wearing short and T-shirt, especially in summer, you are advised to choose a textile so that you will look dynamic.

Textile belt is light and has a variety of color selection: plain, pattern or checked pattern. The color combination of textile belt is also more flexible compare to that of leather belt.









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